Commodities exchange in accordance with the Costa Rican code of commerce

What is Bolcrypto?

A Commodity Exchange that facilitates trading between private parties and government entities.

How does it work?

Bolcrypto provides a regulatory framework and centralized exchange environment and platform.

Why do I need it?

Bolcrypto is a charter for commodity trade of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

What's our approach?

Ensure due diligence on trading through KYC’s commodities and brokers license granting procedure.

What factors differentiate Bolcrypto for investors?

Key components that guarantee bolcrypto’s beneficial policies, processes and development procedures

Business Model

Business Model

Bolcrypto will follow the same business model of an SRO. It will convey oversights on its member organizations (Brokers/Dealers and other license holders) and provide market liquidity to the cryptomarket by pooling worldwide cryptocurrency exchanges and their order books together.



GBT Technologies owns 40% of the shares in Bolcrypto while 60% will be available for general public following statutes by Costa Rican Code of Commerce.



Directed towards worldwide leaders in exchange and payment processors of cryptocurrencies, ICO issuers and cryptocurrency asset investors.

Our Team